Things to do in February

February is the time to take hardwood cuttings; you can make an entire new hedge, for free and within 20 minutes. Its the easiest way to increase your stock of shrubs such as Dogwoods, Roses, Viburnum & Forsythia.

Plants like this Cornus sanguinea "Midwinter Fire" is a perfect specimen, so why not take some cuttings to make more for next year! 

Now, heres how to go about it: 

1) Look for healthy strong newer plant material approximately the thickness of a pencil. Cut it off above a node so that the mother plant will grow back cleanly. 

2) Cut the material into 20-30 cm sections, cut the base square and the top slanted so you know which way to plant it in the ground. Cut  just below the bud at the base and above the bud at the top.

3) Dig a trench in the soil at about a spade's depth you may want to put fine gravel to aid drainage. 

4) Plant the cuttings three quarters deep into the soil, firm the earth around them and make sure they have had a water, they should be ready to pot on in spring or move to their new location.